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A very important update

Hello everyone, I am back from my mini vacation in which I celebrated my wedding anniversary and am ready to go once again. Unfortunately there isn't really any new Dom news to report LOL.

We have two new affilates that have been added to our happy family, Dominic Monaghan Italia
and More Than Anything.

On a sad note, one of the wonderful sites that was part of our happy Dom fansite family,, is no more. They will be greatly missed and we will do our best here at ConfuddleDOM to fill the void that they have left. If any of you used to visit there frequently and have some suggestions on how to make our site better so we can fill that gap, please email all your comments and suggestions to me here. We know it is some pretty big shoes to fill but we are willing to do what it takes to make this more like home to those of you that used to visit and to be one of the best Dominic fansites on the internet. :)
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